Piano Lessons For Kids In East of Singapore

It has been researched that piano lessons for kids at a young age will greatly expedite your child’s cognitive development progress. Kids who attended music lessons are also seen to read faster, higher IQ, and generally do better in school.

That’s the reason why parents are enthusiastically looking for piano lessons for kids to attend!

kids-piano-lessons-singapore-1If you’re looking for a dedicated and experienced Singapore piano teacher to teach your kids piano lessons in the east of Singapore, in a fun and enjoyable way…

Look no further.

Valerie conducts piano lessons for kids, based on their learning needs and goals.

What you can expect in piano lessons for kids:

  • Customized piano lessons based on child’s ability and needs
  • Proven piano curriculum to prepare your child to ace piano examinations
  • Enjoyable piano lessons which cultivate your child’s love for music
  • Basic music theory lessons to build your child’s music foundation
  • Practice schedule for your child to practice at home to prepare for lessons


Piano lessons for kids details

Duration: 45~60 min.

Location: Tutor’s or your home

FAQ for Piano Lessons for Kids

1. I would like to enroll by child to learn piano lessons. What age should he start learning?

kids-piano-lessons-singapore-3A child can start picking up piano lessons at the age of 4. Piano lessons for kids conducted by Valerie is fun and engaging, to get the child interested and love piano and music.

2. Does Valerie conduct piano lessons for kids in the east of Singapore only?

Piano lessons in east of Singapore includes Changi, Tampines, Pasir Ris, Simei, Tanah Merah, Bedok, Katong, and Marine Parade. Lessons are preferably in the east, but if you reside at other parts of the Singapore, arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.

If you stay outside the east area, don’t worry. Valerie works with experienced kids piano teachers as well and also makes the effort to interview them extensively before inviting them to join her teaching faculty.

Valerie can refer to you kids piano teachers who can do lessons in the North, South, West, and Central of Singapore.

3. I do not have a piano at home. Can I still sign up my kids for piano lessons?

Yes. A piano at home would allow the child to practice what he has learnt during the piano lessons. However, it might be costly to get a piano at the start. Hence, you might want to consider renting a piano first.

Fret not, Valerie will be the one handling the back-end stuffs for you, to ensure your kids have an enjoyable piano lesson.

4. Does my kids have to take piano exams when they learn the piano?

kids-piano-lessons-singapore-2Taking piano exams can help the children strive to improve and up their level of playing. However, unlike what most music school preaches, we don’t expect all kids to go through the examination route. It will be optional based on the choice of the parents and the kids.

We want the kids to enjoy learning the piano, and have fun in the process. And this can be done through classical and traditional songs, or disney movie songs like Frozen’s “Let It Go”(almost all children like this!).

Our teaching philosophy is to inspire the kids to love and play piano. If they are motivated to learn, examinations will just be a validation, not a necessity for them.

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