Piano Lessons For Adults In East of Singapore

Always wanted to learn the piano to play your favorite song, but never had the opportunity to do so? That’s where we have piano lessons for adults for you!

Piano is a popular instrument that produces wonderful music which is loved by everyone. We truly believes that piano can be learned, and played by anybody.

adult-piano-lessons-singapore-1If you’re looking for a dedicated Singapore piano teacher to teach you how to play the piano so you can relax after a long day’s work, and play your favorite songs…

Look no further.

Valerie conducts piano lessons for adults at the east of Singapore, and students enjoyed learning, and playing their favorite music and pop songs in the process. Your dream can come true too!

What you can expect in piano lessons for adults:

  • Customized and flexible timings to fit your busy schedule
  • Fun and enjoyable lessons to get you started
  • Basic music theory and note-reading to build music foundation
  • Aural lessons to train listening skills for piano playing
  • Of course, Master your favorite songs!


Piano lessons for adults details

Duration: 60 min per lesson

Location: Tutor’s or your home.


FAQ for Piano Lessons for Adults

1. I’m an adult beginner. Am I too old to learn the piano? 

adult-piano-lessons-singapore-2I would definitely say no! I have seen adults picking up piano even after their retirement, and still play good piano music.

In fact, it can be easier for adults to pick up the piano as they can pick up and understand the lessons easier and faster.

So far, I have taught polytechnic students, university undergrads, PhD students, working professionals, and also a retired lady.

2. Does Valerie conduct piano lessons in the east of Singapore only? 

Piano lessons in east of Singapore includes Changi, Tampines, Pasir Ris, Simei, Tanah Merah, Bedok, Katong, and Marine Parade. Lessons are preferably in the east, but if you reside at other parts of the Singapore, arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.

If you stay outside the east area, don’t worry. Valerie works with experienced piano teachers as well and have interviewed them extensively before inviting them to join her teaching faculty. Valerie can refer to you piano teachers who can do piano lessons for adults in the North, South, West, and Central of Singapore.

3. I want to learn 3 pieces of pop piano songs only. Do you conduct lessons that way?

Yes. If you have basic piano knowledge already, I can go ahead and teach you the 3 pieces immediately. But if you are a new beginner, I will teach you basic piano skills first before going on to the songs.

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