Piano Accompaniment

Are you looking for a piano accompanist for your Vocalist?

Or an accompaniment for your music examinations?

piano accompaniment for violin exams

With a Diploma in Piano Accompaniment, Valerie has been actively doing piano accompaniment for students who are taking exam, live concert performances, and even for choir competitions.

With her rich experience in piano performance and accompaniment, Valerie might the piano accompanist you’re looking for.


FAQ for Piano Accompanist

1. I’m a singer and I would like to engage Valerie as a piano accompanist. But I’m not sure if she is familiar with the song I’m singing. 

Playing the piano for years, Valerie has played quite a number of pop and classical accompaniment for songs. Of course, it would be impossible for her to know every song out there. But given a week or less, Valerie would be able to learn the song accompaniment and be ready to perform.

2. Do I have to provide the piano accompaniment parts for Valerie?

If you are looking for a piano accompanist for examinations, the accompaniment parts are usually provided. For other types of accompaniment, it will be good if you have the parts. Otherwise, Valerie can also write out the parts just by listening.

3. What are the rates and period of engagement for Valerie as a piano accompanist?

The piano accompaniment rates will depend on the type of accompaniment (performance/examinations) and the amount of time for preparation to date of event.


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