About Valerie

Valerie Singapore piano teacher eastHi, I’m Valerie, and welcome to my site. I teach piano music lovers how they can play the piano easily and enjoyably.

Whether you are a young adult hoping to play your favorite song on the piano, or a excited parent hoping to sign up your child for piano lessons, I’m sure you’re at the right place!

Music Experience

I came from a music family background, and began playing the piano at the age of 6. As you know, most parents would love their child to learn a new skill or two. Then I was still learning ballet. But I discovered my love for the piano after a few lessons.

I continued my piano lessons, and went all the way to achieve my Diploma in Music -ATCL from Trinity College London. If you ask me, is it difficult to achieve a diploma? Yes definitely, but I can say it’s worth the effort! Thereafter, I also attained my Grade 8 in Music Theory with Merit.

Music is indeed part of my life. Other than playing the piano, I’ve been singing in a choir since the age of six, and is still singing today! I sang as a Soprano in every choir I joined in my school days. With a piano background, I also help out with piano accompaniments for my choir in concerts and competition.

Valerie Chan Keyboardist

My passion to teach arises from my time in leading as President in my St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School Choir, and Assistant Student Conductor in my Tampines Junior College Choir, by helping to teach and conduct the choir when my conductor is absent.

I see the joy in helping people learn something they are in love with.

To further my interest in music, I also learn how to play the Keyboard, which is kind of similar to the classical piano.

With the additional skill I have, I’m also a keyboardist for my church and regularly go jamming with my musician friends.

Playing in Choirs

With my years of choral experience and piano playing, I also help school choirs in their choral performances as their piano accompanist. Playing piano for a choir is an entirely different experience, but I’m glad I can still be part of choral singing (in another way) even after I left school!

Some of the choirs I have accompanied includes Qiaonan Primary School, Junyuan Secondary School, Punggol Primary School, and Greendale Secondary School.


Above: Qiaonan Primary School Choir Performance at the Tampines Changkat National Day Dinner 2014, which is graced by Minister of Education Mr Heng Swee Keat and MP for Tampines GRC, Irene Ng.


Above: Qiaonan Primary School Choir for ABRSM Choral Singing Exam 2014.


Above: Junyuan Secondary School Choir Performance at the Inaugural Singapore International Choral Festival.

Teaching the Piano

I gave my first piano lessons in 2009, and has never looked back since. It is a fulfilling task for me to see my students learn the piano so enjoyably and passionately. Some of them gave up piano when young, but returned later on to pick up learning again. I feel great to be part of their learning journey.

piano accompaniment singaporeFor my teaching, I follow a strict curriculum to ensure strong basic foundation is built right from the start so that my students can progress far in their piano learning. Am I strict? Well, that depends on how the student behave! But I strive to make every lesson enriching and enjoyable.

Why would I want to make my lessons enjoyable?

Because I have seen enough students who quit previously complain to me that they gave up piano when young is that they don’t find learning fun anymore. (And their teachers are too strict and demoralizing!)

My Mission Statement?

Wow, I wouldn’t want to sound to noble, but to put it simply, I would want to inspire more people to play and love piano music.

Valerie In Action

Hey, since you’re here, this famous classical piece, Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 by Chopin, is for you. Hope you enjoy!

How we can work together?

Piano Lessons Singapore – I offer piano lessons in Singapore, usually in the east side, for kids and adults.

Music Theory Lessons – I offer music theory lessons for music students who need to attain high marks (Merit/Distinction) in their Grade 5 Theory Exam.

Piano Accompaniment – Need a pianist for your violin, voice or any music exam? Or just simply a piano accompaniment for your performance? Let me know how I can help you.

The Happy Pianist – I also assist in a piano lessons agency, The Happy Pianist, to help students find suitable teachers to learn the piano.

The Happy Vocalist – Yes, I sang in a choir, but I don’t teach singing these days. Hence, if you love singing, and want to pursue singing further (either pop, classical, chinese pop singing), you can check The Happy Vocalist, who provide kids and adult singing lessons in Singapore.

The Happy Guitarist – I do play the guitar too, but not that good to teach it. Hence, if you love to learn the guitar, you can check out the guitar lessons by The Happy Guitarist. They have teachers for kids and adult guitar lessons in Singapore.

The Happy Violinist – If you are keen to start violin lessons in Singapore, you can check out The Happy Violinist. They work with experienced violin teachers in Singapore. We have worked with them by referring many violin students to them, and also be the piano accompanist for their violin exams and performances.

Anything else?

Just drop me a message here 🙂